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About BHI

What is BHI?

BHI is a comprehensive private mental health practice which provides a broad range of services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families, as well as seniors. When people come to BHI, we help them solve the real life problems that they face. In addition, our emphasis on Behavioral Health means that we offer treatment to promote and maintain physical as well as emotional health.

How did BHI begin?

Prior to moving to South Florida, both Dr. Nelson-Wernick and Dr. Wernick held appointments in university and medical school departments, where they worked as part of a clinical team and also helped train the next generation of professionals. When they created BHI, their goal was to assemble a well-trained clinical staff that can work effectively as a team. We believe we have accomplished this.

What is the BHI philosophy?

We are proud of our reputation of caring for people. We believe that individuals have strengths that can be mobilized, even in the most difficult of times. Listening, caring, and utilizing our clinical skills, we help you to identify your goals and create a plan for accomplishing them. We then actively work with you to achieve those goals. In a warm, respectful and supportive environment, we help you to find solutions to the real world problems that brought you to BHI.

Why choose BHI?

Our clinical staff is a team of highly trained professionals with many years of experience who work well together as colleagues. The team approach allows us to provide the broad spectrum of services any family might need, while facilitating continuity of care and positive treatment outcomes.

The administrative and clinical staff of BHI are committed to offering the highest level of ethical and professional psychological services. We welcome the opportunity to be of help.