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Elder Services

Adults approaching their “golden years” hope for good health, financial security, and time to do the things they enjoy. We often make plans for spending more time with our families and friends, taking up hobbies, volunteering or traveling – things we were unable to do as much of when we were focusing on our careers or raising a family.

For some, the “golden years” are not so golden. There may be medical problems or chronic illness, or financial stress that significantly impacts one’s life. The loss of friends and inability to engage in certain activities may lead to loneliness, social isolation and depression.

As we age, we can expect to have some degree of decline in functioning. Even healthy individuals may experience changes in vision, hearing and mobility that may interfere with their ability to live independently. Some may experience memory loss and other cognitive changes such as dementia. New circumstances may arise and decisions often need to be made.

These situations are often awkward and stressful for families. Communication can be difficult and everyone may not view the changes in the same way. There may be concern about the safety of an older person, the ability to continue to take care of oneself, vulnerability to be taken advantage of, or a resistance to accept assistance. Whatever the situation, this is when the clinicians at BHI can help in working with older patients and their families.

We can provide services which include:

The clinicians at BHI can also provide psychological services for older patients who reside in nearby Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Facilities. Our goal is to assist the family in providing sensitive solutions to these real world problems.

For more information about these and other services, please contact our office at 954-340-0888, and we will be happy to speak with you.