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Specialized Evaluation Services

There are many instances in which special types of evaluations are needed or required in order to assist in making decisions that have critical implications. The circumstances may involve educational decisions, placement, employment, health/medical care, family structure or legal status.

Psychological Testing is often needed as part of a thorough evaluation for making some of these important decisions. Psychologists are the only mental health professionals who are trained to administer and interpret objective and projective psychological tests as part of a comprehensive assessment. In some cases, these evaluations require additional training or expertise. That is why we say that psychologists are the evaluation experts.

In addition to conducting psychological evaluations to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, psychologists are often asked to participate in a variety of assessment procedures for various purposes. These may include:

The Psychologists at BHI are proficient in doing all of these evaluations.
If you have been referred for an evaluation – or if you feel that a specialized evaluation can help you or a loved one in making some important decisions, give us a call at 954-340-0888. We are here to help.