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BHI Office Policies

Our administrative staff will be happy to provide information about our services, fees and payment options, and will assist you in making an appointment.

Fees and Insurance Coverage

Fees and Insurance Coverage for services will be discussed in advance of the first appointment.

Many insurance plans provide some level of coverage for psychological services. Should you have insurance coverage that you wish to use, please give this information to our staff. We will verify your benefits with your insurance company to determine the type of coverage you have. If you choose to use your insurance, our office will file the claim for you. Any portion of the fees not covered by insurance is the responsibility of the patient.

Important Note about Insurance: It is important that you understand the actual benefits provided through your insurer, as they depend on the specific contract between you and your insurance company. Also, in order for your insurance company to pay for covered services in your plan, you must agree that your insurance company has a right to request access to your records. Your insurance company may do this in order to determine whether they will continue to pay for your treatment, as this is how they attempt to control their costs. Because of concerns about private information being shared with the insurer, and how this information is being used, many individuals are choosing not to utilize their benefits, and to pay privately for services.

If you have questions or concerns about fees, and alternatives to using your insurance coverage, please call our office at 954-340-0888 for further information

Appointment Policy

Appointments are scheduled for each patient and that time is reserved exclusively for you. Our office policy requires at least 24 hours notice if you cannot keep that appointment.

When you cancel an appointment in advance, it allows us to contact other patients who may be waiting for an appointment time.

In the event that 24 hours notice is not provided, patients are financially responsible for the reserved appointment. A fee will be charged for late cancellations or missed appointments.


Your privacy and well-being are our primary concerns. All information is considered confidential, and no one may have access to information about you without your consent. There are, however, exceptions to this by law, which include (1) situations where there is imminent danger to yourself or someone else, (2) suspected abuse of a minor child or an elderly or disabled adult, and (3) when ordered by the court.

Also, if you plan to use your insurance benefits, in order for them to pay your claims, your insurance company will require you to give permission for them to access your records.

For more complete information please read our Notice of Privacy Practices.

Forms for Your First Appointment

You will be asked to come into the office 15 minutes prior to your first appointment time. For your convenience, you may download the initial paperwork in advance, complete it and bring the completed forms to your first appointment. If you would like to complete these forms in advance, click on the appropriate set of paperwork listed here. For security and confidentiality reasons, please do not attempt to send the completed forms over the internet.

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