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School and Educational Psychological Services

This webpage will describe three components of services offered through BHI –

Academic/educational Consultations

In the nearly 30 years that BHI has been working with South Florida families, we have come to realize that many families have had a range of experiences when it comes to meeting their child’s educational needs. This is true for both public and private schools. While parents are often pleased with the assistance provided to their children, there are times when they are very frustrated or disappointed by the school’s ability to help their child. In situations like this, parents often wish to have a fresh perspective from outside of the school. This is when BHI can really help.

BHI can provide a “second opinion” by a psychologist who has knowledge and expertise in school-related problems, as well as the rules and regulations for schools in Florida. In providing this service, the BHI Psychologist will review all relevant records, materials and reports, meet with you and your child, and offer an objective perspective. You will be given a brief report and feedback on the findings. This “second opinion” will include specific and practical recommendations to help your child. No additional testing will be conducted as part of this consultation. However, if further assessment is indicated as part of the consultation, recommendations as to the type of testing needed will be identified.

If you feel this type of “second opinion” consultation might be helpful for your child, please call us at 954-340-0888 for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

Home Schooling

Many families are choosing to educate their children at home. Parents certainly have more input in the material taught and how it is taught. Associations have been formed to assist parents who are Home Schooling their children with both educational and social issues.

BHI is pleased to offer Psychological Services to Home School families. This can be arranged through your Home School Association or it can be accessed directly by an individual family. The range of services includes a wide variety of assessment or evaluation procedures, as well as counseling services and academic/educational consultations. If you think your child is not progressing as expected, has processing problems, and/or emotional/behavioral issues that interfere with learning, call us to schedule an appointment. We can also help your child improve social functioning if this is an area of concern. Workshops for parent/educators are also available through your Home School Association.

For more information about how you or your association can access Psychological Services with BHI, please call our office at 954-340-0888.

SUCCESS Psychological Services

Public School Districts provide psychological services to their schools and students. However, it is rare that a private school is able to do this in-house. Private school administrators often identify costs as the major reason they are unable to have their own school psychologists. As a result, needed psychological services are often delayed until significant problems have developed. At that point, the parents would likely have to go out on their own to find a psychologist in the community to provide the needed service. That individual may not be integrated as a member of the school’s team. BHI can help your school hurdle these obstacles.

BHI is very proud to offer SUCCESS Psychological Services: The Psychology Department for Private Schools. Under the direction of Drs. Melissa Harrison and Robert Wernick, SUCCESS allows a private school to have their own Psychology Department and offer a full range of school psychological services to their students and faculty. SUCCESS can allow your school to “stand above the crowd”. How many other schools will be able to demonstrate such a deep commitment to each student’s academic success?

SUCCESS offers your school:

SUCCESS can provide services that include:

If you are a private school administrator, call us at BHI at 954-340-0888 for more information about what SUCCESS can do for your school. Learn how to make SUCCESS your school’s own Psychology Department.